Aqoia Industry Cloud

The AQOIA Industry CloudTM  is the “glove on the hand” Network to the Intelligent Analytics Suite that helps our Clients both accelerate and amplify their immediate and ongoing returns through extracting more value faster from the application of knowledge, the process of collaboration, and the contribution of networks.

Todays organisations are all knowledge organisations; and its the superior accumulation and application of knowledge within the organisation and across the network in a continuous flow that marks the next frontier of competitive differentiation.

In fact, its this very discord, experienced by the majority of organisations across customer, operations and networks, with knowledge trapped within organisation silos, processes, systems and minds, with the inability to effectively gather collaborate and execute as one – is where the biggest opportunity for high velocity value capture resides.

The AQOIA Industry Cloud Network better connects an organisation to its network partners, provides a basis for better network participation through driving improved operations, and releases resources for better investment.

The overall RoA is thereby improved whilst improving the organisations competitive standing.

 Intelligent Analytic Suite and Industry Cloud Network support the following layers and services.

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