Are Your Teams Getting Great At Solving The Wrong Problem?

…Unleash the power to lead with Accelerated Decision Support with Fujitsu, Aqoia and NetApp

ads advert 2Much of what needs to be managed lies beyond the line of sight in the “data swamp”

Any significant profit improvement journey starts by identifying the real issues, framing the right problems, and mobilizing the right people to solve them.  But what if your conventional management information system hides the real issues from view?  What if the real clues, the real root causes, lie buried deep in the detail, spread across your entire supply chain / revenue cycle and fragmented through time?

Consumer Goods Companies, among many other industries, face exactly this issue today.   In order to stay profitable and competitive, enterprises must develop a complete, holistic, end-to-end understanding of their costs to serve.  Currently much of what needs to be managed lies beyond line of sight, deep in the “data swamp”; the detailed parts of the business that require hard work to wade through. Even where fragmented clues can be found, they don’t link together to tell the cohesive story you need to effectively manage them.

The reason companies struggle to solve the right problem is that opinions vary on critical issues affecting the company:

  • Which customers and products are most profitable?
  • Which campaigns and promotions actually improve the bottom line?

Accelerated Decision Support TM models this complex reality effectively providing credible answers to critical questions quickly and efficiently.  By expanding and enriching transactional data, Through Time Analytics™ provides the context and insight to tell the stories that need to be managed.

  • Connect related details across the supply chain and revenue cycle
  • Link relevant events to subsequent costs
  • Track multiple dimensions (Customer, product, channel, etc) in finest detailpartnership
  • Hold detailed granularity while providing critical context and insights
  • Leverage SAP’s real time data platform, Fujitsu Cloud Solutions, and NetApp data management

Accelerated Decision Support-as-a-Service grows with you, letting you focus on your business

  • Templates, models and content
  • Implementation consultancy and tools
  • Complete, full-stack solution (hardware and software)
  • Change management, value capture & benefits realization support
  • On-going evolution to maintain solution currency and impact
  • A growth path that follows your needs
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