Digital Enablement – Adoption Roadmap

35188844 - digital world , global internet technologyPhase 1 (Internal Focus Gains) : Getting Started: Insight to Action – Addressing your biggest challenge

Rapid Alignment: Take your present capability and learnings and combined with our learnings and tools to understand, and align the optimal way forwards  – Using our Business Accelerator

Accelerated capability: Take your current base and future needs and combine with our building blocks to acquire a new capability fast – Using Intelligent Analytics Suite

Faster Outsized Returns: Use Through-Time data to compliment Real-Time views to collaboratively review the outputs and results with our team of experts and execute findings within your organisation to capture sustained outsized gains. – Using our Knowledge Portal

The above procedure is repeated at speed and scale to deliver continuous change and RoI that can release and free scarce resources to high gain efforts further amplifying gains.

Phase 2: (External Leverage) Extend your reach beyond your core – Using analytics connected to a Platform to push further forwards (AQOIA Industry Cloud Network)

These three fulcrum points provide geometric amplification of value beyond your core

External Leverage 1: Broader relevant context for amplified internal gains (e.g Benchmarking/Spatial/IoT to provide rich external situational context to your current analytics

External Leverage 2: Business Partner Collaboration -Participating within the Network

External Leverage 3: Structured Next Practice Programmes (FitBiz) based on learnings and best practices (RunLean) as well as your own situation and capabilities (IAS) to make faster improved gains every step of the way help you become a strong member the most powerful business Network, taking a lions share of the captured value and gains.

43651305 - touch screen smartphone in handPhase 3: (Continuous Improvements) Expanding your gains by being increasingly more efficient and effective

Exploit the three most powerful layers of disruption impeding successful business analytics and overall Business Performance.

Disrupt once and for all the three perpetual impediments to true business success and outsized sustainable gains – leveraging more with less and improving your RoA KPI.

Step1: Harnessed Data: Shift from wasting time energy and resources capturing and curating data increasing amounts of data to consuming it better. Whilst your competitors struggle with a broken data to action flow – you can be focussed on applying ever deeper learnings in increasingly innovative way to outperform them in areas you choose

Step 2: Agile Business Models: New innovations mean new business models and Applications to underpin these flows. Whilst your competitors struggle to first identify then integrate “the next big thing” before ever getting live, Use the Platform to quickly identify access and pilot a series of curated applications that help anticipate your future needs more quickly and rapidly enable you to become more effective and efficient in new ways of working.

Step 3: Leveraged Professional Services: With rapidly shrinking workforce across key functions on the one hand and whole new capabilities that must be built on the other – your competitors are stuck between a rock and hard place – to reduce headcount, acquire new capabilities and be no further along the line. Use the Platform to you hire the right value added services more effectively and better leverage your existing team towards new higher value added capabilities that enable you to execute at high performance levels.