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AQOIA provide your own FitBiz.Global personalised programmes which are guided routes through the optimisation maze based on your own specific starting points, priorities and ambitions.

These programmes use your own data along with advanced analytic techniques and are informed by studying the “physiology and neurology” of many companies and programmes to better understand grahamgalloway2complexity and the interplay of cause and effect.

They are also designed to factor in competition, market shifts and other market dimensions.
All of this is analysed on our RunLean platform by partners, academics and ourselves to inform specific company initiatives as well as update and evolve the FitBiz-Global Programmes.

A company that needs to cross the “information chasm” and looking for a bridge, wishing to understand if this new improvement approach is suitable – can activate the no risk, starter level,  “business accelerator”  programme.

This is an entry point to validate and activate the more advanced programmes that are designed to yield fast tangible returns, through the application of industry specific intelligent analytics.  The baselining of FitBiz-Global programmes are underpinned by the RunLean Platform and Knowledge Repository.

High velocity Benchmarking and baselining at the most granular level of leading indicators is the key to applying improvement initiatives on focus areas that matter most to you and have the highest probability of success.

One unique reason the programmes are successful, is that we work with the organisations transactions – these are the “lifeblood” of an organisation and our products makes them distinct – highlighting all key nuances; everything starts and ends here.  We contextualise these transactions through a process we call “Through-Time” and build additional context such as spatial, social and any other data sources. This layering enables us to draw key dependencies and inferences that would otherwise remain as “random unrelated acts”.

Identifying these levers of cause and effect, as well as associated costs and revenues across the complex interplay of customers, operations and networks, enables an organisation firstly to see, then learn, then understand, then act in a collaborative cross functional way. This high velocity value capture can release unparalleled capacity and value for repurpose, honing an interplay at every level, of efficiency and effectiveness from data, applications, services and people.

59028473 - dollar growth. success in business conceptRepeated on a continuous cycle of rapid marginal improvements, a closed loop system of benchmarking, measurement and evolution, sets an organisation apart, enabling them to lead in an industry with an increasingly long tail of stragglers.

In the digital economy where acting on new knowledge is real power,  leading to rapid outsized value capture – the winner takes all.


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AQOIA RunLeanTM Club

RunLeanTM is a movement for qualified like-minded, yet diverse group of individuals committed and motivated to drive organisation performance, efficiency and effectiveness in the face of ever increasing uncertainty volatility and competition.

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Our FitBizTM Programmes provide orientation and alignment. They will help you understand the essence of your profitability initiatives, the value it can add to you right now – and get you to your desired destination faster, better and with less risk.

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