Intelligent Analytics Suite

Introducing ThroughTime Intelligent Analytics Suite on HANA Cloud Platform

Are you ready to experience first-hand how the power of next generation analytics solutions can quickly highlight insight around impossibly difficult and deeply concealed business problems? Then witness how, as you bring all your organisation learnings and expertise to bear, through advanced collaboration – you amplify business outcomes?

We can empower you and your team to assess if and how these cycles could give you, your team, and your organisation, a powerful tool and sustainable competitive edge, as you embark upon your Digital enablement journey. Irrespective of the outcome – you will have gained valuable insight on the optimal way forwards.

Traditional enterprise systems with period reporting and latency and even modern zero latency real-time systems and self-service propositions crafted from data-lakes, all suffer the same ONE big limitation – data trapped in period silos as captured, that cannot ever provide true context based insight. Compound this issue with the fact data is anyway stored in any number of system, functional, and geographical silos enterprise wide, it’s no wonder why when trying to get a meaningful end-to-end picture for Operatives and Group executives alike, there is still so much apparently “missing insight” from traditional views and solutions.

This costs. Despite spending a fortune on upgrades, this hidden gap still necessarily drives organisations to a big uptake on Excel and proliferation of other point solutions that alone cannot address this core issue well.

Based on latest SAP technology, our ThroughTime Intelligent Analytics suite is fundamentally different in essence. A perfect complement to the older Enterprise systems and the modern real-time analytics systems, Excel, and other point solutions that help front line operatives and Executives identify what is happening in the now, ThroughTime analytics is capable of better answering more quickly and accurately the very crucial follow on questions for resolution and prevention –  the how and why it’s happening.

The rich joined up context layer unambiguously pinpoints root cause drivers to rapidly suggest what could best be done about it. Agnostic of Hierarchy, Function, Geographic and Organisation boundaries, working with your raw data to drive assurance, there is little room for error or doubt what needs to be done and by whom. This is what gets outsized results. Fast. Ongoing.

The backdrop pioneered in some of the worlds largest organisations, ThroughTime Intelligent Analytics Suite has evolved from over 20 years of learnings implementing the biggest enterprise systems in the world.

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These ThroughTime views and Ready to Run Diagnostic analytics are perfectly suited to helping teams at scale perform high velocity Enterprise optimisations that matter most to the business, with regard to continually balancing cost containment and revenue uplift across the critical customer, operations and network dimensions as the business continually evolves to move ahead.